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Since our restaurant is very popular and always very well attended, we ask you to reserve a table and are happy that you want to spend a few pleasant hours with us.

If you are planning a celebration, please call us and we will discuss everything together!

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Lovely, homemade and authentic...

The first and original potato cellar in Germany!

Share your wishes with us – we are excited and do everything to fulfill them. The more we know, the better - because your visit with us should be a special evening and a unique experience for you.
Whether you come alone or with several people: Our Potatocellar-Team is looking forward to you!

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Kartoffelkeller Terasse

Our restaurant has a total of about 200 seats.
125 seats in the cozy with us in the basement and about 75 seats in the summer outside, on our terrace.


Opening hours

Hot cuisine throughout from 12:00 to 21:00

Thursday - Monday


Tuesday & Wednesday


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The potato

... a great tuber!

The history of the potato:
Potatoes are nightshade plants and were already cultivated as a crop in South America in 7000 BC. But the potato only came to Europe by ship in the 16th century. Once there, it was not accepted for a long time, only as "mock bread" fed the tuber to cattle.
King Frederick the Great ("Der Alte Fritz") discovered the potato as a staple food for his soldiers and so in 1756 enforced the non-cultivation of the potato under threat of the highest penalty. ("Wherever an empty space can be found, the potato shall be grown!").

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Table Reservation

Dear guests, we ask you to note our reservation times on the weekends. Since we have two reservation times in the evening, there is the possibility to reserve until 20:00 or from 20:00.